As I grew up in different countries myself, I have always felt a bit different wherever I travel to or live. Growing up with different cultures, languages, people and a totally different environment has been a blessing for me and my sisters (and even for my cousins who have come over for months at a time!). We were exposed to so many different aspects of life on different places of earth from birth or a young age, which has definitely had influence on us throughout our lives. Being able to adjust to different situations easily and take things as they go. We have always been very welcoming and open, even when living in The Netherlands. This has always wondered the people I met in life, being so easy going. It takes the stress off life I suppose. Due to this, I have never felt I belonged anywhere, but felt at home everywhere.

This life lesson is something I would like to give to all parents considering travelling or going on holiday with their children. Spending quality time with your infants, toddlers, children, youngsters or maybe already young adults in such different environments. This creating memories and bonds that will last forever. Sharing these special moments together in another country, a different culture, experiencing new tastes and a totally different way of life will broaden their perspective of everything to come in the future. I recommend everyone to travel with their kids, as far and often as possible!

In this aspect I would like to highlight Sri Lanka as one of the most perfect holiday destinations with kids. This country has so much to offer! From a metropolitan capital city with all the luxuries that come with it, ancient ruins of kings and queens spread across Sri Lanka. A rich cultural diversity which results in amazing food and different languages, many religious with their temples, Hindu kovils and mosques. The central hill country with hikes to breathtaking views and an abundance of green tea plantations. Then of course the beaches with great surf, sun and sandy beaches! But last and not least the friendliest people on earth who love to see you travel with children!

The beauty of Sri Lanka is that there is so many diverse things to do, all packed up in one little island!

With so much diversity and things to do, your children will constantly be focused on the next thing to come. No screaming kids in the backseat asking how long it is going to take, not complaining about food because there is just so much choice everywhere to be found. The people here are so friendly and interested, your kids are going to feel very special! The island is so diverse you will have the feeling you are visiting four countries in one.

I would like to take this time to highlight why a tuktuk adventure with your kids, is the next thing that should be on every families bucketlist. But just don’t take my word for it, let’s see what Tuktuk Rental has to offer adventurous travelling families and what are the experiences to date:

The Melman Family

The first family with a baby to travel with Tuktuk Rental where Sjoerd with his wife Sanne and of course baby Sam. They travelled the island in September of 2016 and had a fantastic time! They rented a tuktuk for almost a month and drove all across the island and made this nice video about the journey can be found here.

The Family Fee

In February 2018, Sean Fee from TastyPictures (yes the famous Director and Cinematographer!) contacted us as he wanted to rent a tuktuk for his Sri Lanka adventure. He travelled Sri Lanka together with his wife and kids of 2 and 4 years old and they had the time of their lifes! Let’s not waste too much writing on this, have a look at this amazing video he made with the highlights of their journey:

Nanda Martens / Teeuwsen and her 3 sons

Narda, the mother of the family, travelled to Sri Lanka with her 3 sons of 17, 18 and 22 years old. I must say what a great idea! They rented 2 tuktuk and took the roads less travelled. Asked us for a specified itinerary and we advised them with things they never even thought of! Driving from Mount Lavinia to Kurunegala, Dambulla / Sigiriya, Trincomalee, down to Wasgamuwa National Park and then over the Knuckles Range to Kandy. Racing up the hills towards Nuwara Eliya and of course Horton Plains as well. See here some photo’s of their journey:

Facilities Tuktuk Rental offers when travelling with your kids

During the last years Tuktuk Rental has professionalised their approach when it comes to travelling with kids. You want to be sure everything is organised properly and nothing goes wrong.

When your kids are older there is of course nothing to worry, they know what they are doing but also would like a bit more adventure. At Tuktuk Rental we are more than happy to advise on some amazing off the beaten track experiences, which will be something your young adults will definitely enjoy!

For the families travelling in a tuktuk with toddlers and babies we have purchased a couple of babyseats. These can be attached to one of the newer tuktuks we have which always come with seatbelts and extra bars on the right side. Below you can see our babyseat in action and of course the Fisher-Price Safe Voyage car seat.

With the Fisher-Price Safe Voyage babyseat, you are ensured of maximum safety, convenience and comfort for your child on every journey. This car seat is suitable from 9 months right up to 7 years old. Both the padded seat and adjustable head support, promise a comfy journey in your very own tuktuk! (No we are not getting paid to advertise for them, we genuinely think its a good seat).

Being Creative

Last but not least you have to get a bit creative and combine different amenities to create more comfort for you and your family while travelling in a tuktuk. One of the things we suggest is renting surf-boards racks together with your tuktuk, thats the best place to keep the baby stroller when travelling!

Happy travelling families!

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