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Jaffna: Where History Whispers and Secrets Dance in the Breeze

Rent a Tuktuk in Jaffna, Sri Lanka!

Jaffna district is the northmost region of Sri Lanka. Jaffna accommodates the Chundikkulam bird sanctuary and also the pathway named the Elephant Pass. This part of the country is populated by Tamil or Hindus. Jaffna has several islands offshore and two uninhabited islands. Jaffna is famous for the deliciousness of its mangoes and toddy from the Palmyra palm. Jaffna’s delicious food scene ensures you will not miss a single meal since each dining experience is a pure pleasure for your taste buds. **If you’re visiting Jaffna, don’t forget to explore the region by renting a tuktuk, which offers a unique and convenient way to discover its cultural richness and natural beauty.

Things to Do in and Around Jaffna

Colors of devotion - Witness a tuktuk amid the mesmerizing hues, gracing the entrance of a Hindu pandol in Jaffna.
Colors of devotion - Witness a tuktuk amid the mesmerizing hues, gracing the entrance of a Hindu pandol in Jaffna. 📸 @mihaurusin

Rent a Tuktuk in Jaffna with Tuktukrental.com

Obtain Your Sri Lankan Recognition Permit from Jaffna

Driving a tuktuk in Sri Lanka requires a special recognition permit, and there are two ways to get this. Either with your “International Driving Permit / IDP” or your “Regular National Country Licence” with B/C endorsement (depending on your country where B/C is representing car) on it.

We can obtain your recognition permit from the AAC (Automobile Association of Ceylon) with any of the two. You will receive an email with the licence form where you can upload the documents, and we will have it ready at your pickup in Jaffna. You can read more information about the Sri Lankan recognition permit here!

Get Covered with Our Comprehensive Insurance

All our tuktuks come with comprehensive insurance covering damage to your tuktuk and other vehicles. It also covers personal injury to you, your passengers, and 3rd parties. Read more about the insurance coverage here!

Master Your Tuktuk: Get Comfortable Before Beginning Your Journey from Jaffna

We will provide you with an online briefing going over the final details, and we will assist you with
your itinerary. Finally, receive comprehensive driving instruction before exploring paradise in your
own tuktuk from Jaffna.

Why Choose Tuktukrental.com?

Renting a tuktuk is an exciting and unique way to see the country’s gorgeous landscapes and immerse yourself in the local culture, especially around Jaffna. Consider factors such as reputable reviews, official business registration, SLTDA registration, correct rental insurance, safety and maintenance standards, transparent pricing, customer support, license requirements, training, and environmental practices when selecting a rental company. You can read further about it here!

Your safety is our priority. We provide proper rental insurance coverage, regular vehicle inspections, and dedicated mechanics for maintenance. Roadside assistance is available in case of emergencies. We believe in transparent pricing and offer reasonable rental conditions without hidden fees. Our commitment to clear communication ensures exceptional customer service and quick resolution of any issues. Since 2019, we have offset all our carbon emissions, supporting sustainable tourism and contributing to a greener Sri Lanka.

Consider these aspects when selecting a tuktuk rental provider. Enjoy the freedom of the open road and immerse yourself in the splendour of Sri Lanka. Let the adventure begin from Jaffna!

Things to See in Jaffna

Nilavarai Well

This natural underground water well is said to be bottomless, as it never dries out, even during a drought. Farmers around the areas use the water for farming activities. The dimensions of the well are 25 feet in length and 40 feet in width. Moreover, you can easily access this remarkable natural wonder by taking a tuktuk ride. As in many large public wells in the area, a flight of steps leads to the water level, which is 14 feet below the surface level.

Jaffna Fort

Jaffna Fort is the second largest port on the island. This fort is a lasting legacy of the colonial past, where the Portuguese initially built it and then rebuilt by the Dutch. Discover hidden paths used during the Second World War, and learn about the cultural and historical significance of the fort. Embark on a tuktuk adventure to reach Jaffna Fort and immerse yourself in its captivating history. You can find the location of this legendary fort here.

Keerimalai Freshwater Spring

Keerimalai is a natural mineral water spring next to the sea west of Palaly. A wall surrounds the spring, and there is a special divider for men and women. The water is thought to be healing, and residents and visitors take baths to cleanse and refresh. Enhance your visit to Keerimalai Freshwater Spring by arriving in a charming tuktuk. For the location of the lagoon, click here.

Chundikulam National Park

This wonderful National Park also includes the Chundikkulam Lagoon, with various birds flocking to the area. Experience the beauty of Chundikkulam National Park and its vibrant birdlife by embarking on a tuktuk journey. To check the place, click here.

Nallur Kandaswamy Temple

Enjoy yourself in the spiritual environment of this bright Hindu temple, which is famed for its colourful architecture and beautiful carvings. Don’t miss out on the annual 25-day event, during which devotees ignite beautiful chariots and parade them around the streets. Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Jaffna by taking a tuktuk ride to Nallur Kandaswamy Temple.

Point Pedro Lighthouse

Climb to the highest point of this landmark lighthouse for panoramic views of the Indian Ocean and the shoreline. Capture unforgettable images while watching the sun fall over the horizon. Enhance your experience at Point Pedro Lighthouse by arriving in a stylish tuktuk.

Jaffna Public Library

Explore Jaffna’s rich literary tradition at this renowned library, restored after it was devastated during the civil war. It is home to a large collection of books and manuscripts that represent the region’s cultural and intellectual legacy. Arrive at Jaffna Public Library in a convenient tuktuk and delve into the fascinating world of literature. Find it here.

Delft Island

Step onto this charming island, and you’ll come across wild ponies, Dutch colonial houses, and gorgeous coastal scenery. Explore the unusual rock formations and relax in this off-the-beaten-path location. Discover the enchantment of Delft Island by taking a memorable tuktuk journey.
A tuktuk on the ferry in Jaffna
A tuktuk on the ferry in Jaffna 📸 @aglobeofdestinations

A tuktuk on the ferry in Jaffna

Casuarina Beach

Relax on the golden sands of this peaceful beach, which is surrounded by casuarina trees. Swim in the lovely blue waters, relax in the shade, and enjoy the peace and quiet. Indulge in a tranquil beach experience by arriving in your own tuktuk and basking in the serenity of Casuarina Beach.

Jaffna Market

Immerse yourself in the busy market’s dynamic ambience, where sellers sell fresh food, aromatic spices, vivid fabrics, and handicrafts. Interact with people, sample traditional delicacies, and revel in Jaffna’s brilliant colours and tastes. Explore the vibrant Jaffna Market and its bustling atmosphere, arriving conveniently in a vibrant tuktuk.
A tuktuk with the couple inside it buying fruits
A tuktuk with the couple inside it buying fruits 📸 @diana_mocanuu

Explore the vibrant Jaffna Market and its bustling atmosphere

Jaffna Archaeological Museum

Explore the fascinating displays reflecting the region’s historical past and return in time. Admire the sculptures, ceramics, and items illuminating Jaffna’s cultural and archaeological history. Embark on a cultural journey through time, visiting Jaffna Archaeological Museum in a comfortable tuktuk.

Nagadeepa Purana Viharaya

Discover the old tales related to the temple and enjoy the beautiful surroundings, creating a sense of spiritual peace of mind at this serene Buddhist temple set on an island accessible by a short boat journey where boats load tuktuks to go to the island and return. Enhance your spiritual experience by reaching Nagadeepa Purana Viharaya via a peaceful tuktuk ride.

Jaffna’s Food

Discover the distinct and delectable flavours of Jaffna cuisine, which combines colourful spices, fresh fish, and fragrant ingredients to produce a genuinely remarkable gastronomic experience. Every bite celebrates flavour, from the succulent crab curry to the aromatic Jaffna-style dosa.

Crab Curry

Jaffna-style crab curry with rich and aromatic spices that influence the delicious crab flesh.

Jaffna-style Dosa

Try the crispy and thin Jaffna dosa, which is traditionally cooked with rice and lentil batter and is accompanied by coconut chutney and spicy sambal.

Palmyrah Toddy

Discover the local favourite drink, “toddy,” which is created from the sap of the Palmyra tree. It tastes somewhat sweet and tart.

Jaffna-style Mutton Curry

the powerful and spicy mutton curry, which is made with soft chunks of meat simmered in a fragrant spice and coconut milk combination.

Jaffna-style Cuttlefish Curry

Tender cuttlefish is cooked in a wonderful curry sauce with various spices and coconut milk, resulting in a delicious seafood meal.

Jaffna Fish Biryani

Enjoy the fragrant and tasty Jaffna-style fish biryani, which consists of aromatic rice cooked with fish and spices, and served with fried onions and boiled eggs.

Jaffna-style Vadai

Try Vadai, crispy and flavorful lentil fritters cooked with lentils, onions, and spices, which are ideal as a snack or appetiser.

Taste the Local Flavours in Jaffna

Nallur Bhavan Vegetarian Restaurant

One of the best restaurants to enjoy a decent and affordable vegetarian meal, combined with friendly staff and a wonderful environment. You can easily reach Nallur Bawan Vegetarian Restaurant in your own tuktuk and indulge in their delicious vegetarian offerings. For the location of the restaurant, click here.

Rice And Spice

Enjoying a different taste to rice and curry, this restaurant offers a clean and friendly environment with various Jaffna-style rice and curry. Why not explore the flavours of Jaffna-style cuisine by arriving at Rice and Spice in a vibrant tuktuk? For the location of the restaurant, click here.

Nallur Bhavan Vegetarian Restaurant

One of the best restaurants to enjoy a decent and affordable vegetarian meal, combined with friendly staff and a wonderful environment. You can easily reach Nallur Bawan Vegetarian Restaurant in your own tuktuk and indulge in their delicious vegetarian offerings. For the location of the restaurant, click here.

Lavin's Vegetarian Family Restaurant

Lavin’s offers a great selection of vegetarian foods that are savoury and healthful for everybody. Lavin’s is a good choice for vegetarian food in Jaffna, with friendly service and an inviting ambience. Discover the flavours of Lavin’s Vegetarian Family Restaurant and arrive in style with a tuktuk. Find the location here.

Vanni Inn Restaurant - Jaffna branch

Vanni Inn Restaurant’s beautiful biryani is noted for its rich taste and easy meat. The restaurant offers prompt and professional service, ensuring a memorable dining experience in Jaffna. Arrive at Vanni Inn Restaurant’s Jaffna branch conveniently in a comfortable tuktuk. Find the location here.

A tuktuk in speed
A tuktuk in speed 📸 @niklasxdr

Explore the vibrant Jaffna Market and its bustling atmosphere

Green Grass Hotel & Restaurant

This restaurant offers a wide range of food items on its menu, a spacious and calm setting closer to Jaffna town. Explore the culinary delights of Green Grass Hotel and Restaurant with the convenience of a tuktuk ride. For the location of the restaurant, click here.

Recharge at Comfortable Stays in Jaffna

Jaffna Heritage Hotel

Located closer to most visiting sites, Jaffna Heritage is an amazing place to relax and unwind. You can conveniently reach Jaffna Heritage Hotel by hopping into a tuktuk and enjoying your stay in this tranquil setting. For the location of the hotel, click here.

D’villa Garden Hotel

A budget hotel to suit your pocket. They also offer a variety of authentic Sri Lankan food in village-type surrounding. Explore the affordability and charm of D’Villa Garden Hotel by hopping into a tuktuk and experiencing their authentic Sri Lankan cuisine. click here.

Jetwing Jaffna

One of Sri Lanka’s finest hotel chains, allowing comfort and an amazing view facing the Northern Sea. Arrive in style at Jetwing Jaffna with the convenience of a tuktuk, and indulge in the comfort and stunning views offered by this renowned hotel. Find it here.

The Thinnai

Thinnai Hotel is located just 3km away from the substation of Kokuvil. Offering a great experience about the culture and history of Jaffna, this hotel is nature-loving and socially responsible. Embark on a tuktuk journey to The Thinnai and immerse yourself in the cultural and historical ambience of this nature-loving and socially responsible hotel. Find it here.

Malabar Home Stay Jaffna

A warm and beautiful homestay. The wonderful host treats you with delicious freshly cooked meals and a unique feature of an outdoor shower and bathroom, complete with a relaxing stone bathtub. Enhance your visit to Jaffna by arriving at Malabar Home Stay in a tuktuk, and enjoy the warm hospitality, delicious meals, and unique features of this beautiful homestay. Find it here.
A drone shot
A drone shot 📸 @from.miles.away

Jaffna has several islands offshore and two uninhabited islands

How to Get to Jaffna from Colombo

A Train Ride to Jaffna

You could hop onto a train from Colombo Fort Station to Kankasanthurai, where you need to get off at the Jaffna station, where the journey would last around 8 hours. 1st class seats for intercity travelling should be booked at least a week or two ahead. Find the train timetable here.

A Bus Ride to Jaffna

You could take a bus from Colombo Bastian Mawatha Bus terminal to Jaffna, where the journey would last around 10 hours and 30 minutes, and the buses range from standard to Semi-Luxury buses. To plan your route and check bus timetables, go to the official website of the Sri Lanka National Transport Commission (NTC).

By Taxi to Jaffna

You can also arrange a private vehicle and driver to take you. This is the fastest but most expensive way to travel. It will take approximately 7 hours and 32 minutes from Colombo to Jaffna.

Rent a Tuktuk and Drive to Jaffna!

Travelling from Colombo to Jaffna in your own tuktuk is one of the most spectacular ways to appreciate the beautiful splendour and discover Sri Lanka’s hidden gems. Renting a tuktuk provides an exciting experience, with the freedom to drive through fascinating routes and the option to pull over at any location that sparks your interest.

Head over to our online reservations system on tuktukrental.com.

Select your booking dates, extras and enter your details. Continue to the payment section and enjoy riding a tuktuk in Sri Lanka.

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