Rent a tuktuk in Hiriketiya/Dikwella, Sri Lanka!

The best way to travel around Hiriketiya/Dikwella is by driving your own tuk-tuk.


Two parallel locations just separated by a patch of land are the hidden paradise beaches located just to each other. Hiriketiya beach, also known as the horseshoe bay due to its geographical formation is still a hidden gem with fewer tourists around and a popular surf spot. Dikwella beach is more famous for sunbathing and relaxing. As soon as you set foot on these amazing beaches you will feel that your busy life is turning out to be a paradise.


Things to do and see in Hiriketiya/Dikwella

Swing at Mahi Mahi

You must be familiar with this Instagram famous swing, posted by almost every tourist who visited Sri Lanka. This rope swing is the ultimate location for you to enjoy a bright and beautiful sunset. You can find this location here

Free cabana at the end of Hiriketiya beach

At the eastern left end of the Hiriketiya bay, there is a free cabana, since it is a public cabana you will have to share it with few others who would want a chance. It’s one of the best spots in which you can sit and appreciate the beautiful beach and the surfers enjoying the waves. 

Yoga classes

How can you forget to participate in Yoga or meditation sessions when you are in the most serene location down south. There are plenty of hotels, locals, and ex-pats who conduct these mind tranquilizing classes. 

Surf lessons

If your, not a surfer but still would love to give it a go, why not start in Hiriketiya and Dikwella where the waves are the best. You will be able to find surf teaching spots along the coastal area down Hiriketiya and Dikwella beach.

Dondra Lighthouse

At the southmost point of Sri Lanka, you will find the amazing Dondra lighthouse which is the tallest lighthouse in Sri Lanka and one of the tallest in South East Asia. Build-in 1887 by William Douglass, its bricks and steel are imported from England, with a height of 49m and 7 floors. Location to this amazing lighthouse, click here


Food & Drinks

Spicy Garden Hiriketiya

Delicious meals and supportive staff, what more could get better? Spicy Garden is a favorite spot for many tourists who wants to enjoy their meals comfortably interacting more with nature.  For the location of the restaurant click here.

Garlic Cafe

Rated for their excellent hospitality and amazing food from western to Sri Lankan dishes, Garlic Cafe offers a wide range of food items and an affordable price. It would cost between $10 – $15 per person to dine here. For the location of the cafe click here.

Cafe Taprobane

Cafe Taprobane is located within walking distance of the lovely coast. Build to showcase a lovely atmosphere, you will notice the excellent hospitality by its owner and staff. Starting the rice and curry Sri Lankan buffet at just low as Rs. 450, its menu will be filled with healthy items without artificial flavors. For the location of the cafe click here.


Dots Bay House

Dots Bay House provides visitors ample choices for accommodation, from suits, bungalows to shared studio hostels. The hotel also organizes surf lessons, yoga lessons, happy hour, swimming pool, and other games to keep you occupied. It would cost $80 for two people at Dots Bay House. For the location of the hotel click here.

Jasper House

Jasper House offers open-air rooms with amazing views towards the coast. They also provide a wide range of amenities and activities for your comfort and happiness. It would cost between $78 – $82 per night for two people. For the location to the hostel click here

Salt House

Located just 1 minute away from the Hiriketiya beach this hotel is surrounded by palm trees for a more secluded feeling. They have great and fresh food at their restaurant to cater to your needs. For the location of the hotel click here.

Cove Houses

Build to feel the authentic architectural feeling, this amazing spot takes you to its own vintage era. They are rated for great service and amazing hospitality with amazing accommodation. For the location of the resort click here.



How to get to Hiriketiya/Dikwella from Colombo by train

You could take the train from Colombo Fort to Matara on a daily basis as Dikwella or Hiriketiya has no station of it own. The journey would last for 3 hours to Matara and would cost you around Rs 200 to Rs 500 for second-class (which will most of the time guarantee you a seat). From Matara, you would need to get a taxi to Dikwella. This can be arranged with a car rental company or via Uber or Pickme (Sri Lankan app) for a price of Rs.1200 – Rs.1600 and would take 35 minutes to Dikwella.



How to get to Hiriketiya/Dikwella from Colombo by bus

From Colombo Bastian Mawatha Bus terminal you could hop into a non-aircon bus to Matara (route 2 )and get down at Dikwella, which will cost Rs 300, and take around 3 hours. There is a possibility for you to take the semi-luxury bus from Colombo fort which will take you via the expressway until Matara, and you could take a taxi or a tuktuk back to Dikwella which will cost you around Rs 1600 depending on where your final destination is.



How to get to Hiriketiya/Dikwella from Colombo by taxi

You can also arrange a private vehicle and driver to take you via a rental car or use one of the apps named Uber or Pick me (Sri Lankan app). This is the fastest but most expensive way to travel. It will take approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes from Colombo to Hirketiya/Dikwella, The ride would cost you around Rs 12,000 – Rs 17,000.


How to book a tuktuk in Hiriketiya/Dikwella

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