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ancient city steeped in rich history and spiritual significance

Rent a Tuktuk in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka!

Welcome to Anuradhapura, an ancient city that’s steeped in rich history and culture. With fascinating attractions ranging from ancient ruins to vibrant markets, Anuradhapura offers countless exploratory opportunities. The city’s unique character is best experienced on a tuktuk, offering an unfiltered view of its stunning landscapes and bustling streets. Rent a tuktuk in Anuradhapura and explor its rich heritage and captivating beauty.

Things to Do in and Around Anuradhapura

A CabrioTuk parked next to a beautiful temple in Anuradhpura
A CabrioTuk parked next to a beautiful temple in Anuradhapura 📸 whatsnext.reisen​

Unravel the Mysteries of the
Ancient City

Anuradhapura is one of the ancient capitals of Sri Lanka, famous for its well-preserved ruins. With a tuktuk at your disposal, you can navigate through the city and its myriad of archaeological and architectural wonders at your leisure. Experience the majestic stupas, ancient palaces, and intricately carved moonstones, each holding stories of a civilization that thrived thousands of years ago.

Rent a Tuktuk in Anuradhapura with Tuktukrental.com

Obtain Your Sri Lankan Recognition Permit from Anuradhapura

Driving a tuktuk in Sri Lanka requires a special recognition permit, and there are two ways to get this. Either with your “International Driving Permit / IDP” or your “Regular National Country Licence” with B/C endorsement (depending on your country where B/C is representing car) on it.

We can obtain your recognition permit from the AAC (Automobile Association of Ceylon) with any of the two. You will receive an email with the licence form where you can upload the documents, and we will have it ready at your pickup in Anuradhapura. You can read more information about the Sri Lankan recognition permit here!

Get Covered with Our Comprehensive Insurance

All our tuktuks come with comprehensive insurance covering damage to your tuktuk and other vehicles. It also covers personal injury to you, your passengers, and 3rd parties. Read more about the insurance coverage here!

Master Your Tuktuk: Get Comfortable Before Beginning Your Journey from Anuradhapura

We will provide you with an online briefing going over the final details, and we will assist you with your itinerary. Finally, receive comprehensive driving instruction before exploring paradise in your own tuktuk from Anuradhapura.

Why Choose Tuktukrental.com?

Renting a tuktuk is an exciting and unique way to see the country’s gorgeous landscapes and immerse yourself in the local culture, especially around Anuradhapura. Consider factors such as reputable reviews, official business registration, SLTDA registration, correct rental insurance, safety and maintenance standards, transparent pricing, customer support, license requirements, training, and environmental practices when selecting a rental company. You can read further about it here!

Your safety is our priority. We provide proper rental insurance coverage, regular vehicle inspections, and dedicated mechanics for maintenance. Roadside assistance is available in case of emergencies. We believe in transparent pricing and offer reasonable rental conditions without hidden fees. Our commitment to clear communication ensures exceptional customer service and quick resolution of any issues. Since 2019, we have been offsetting all our carbon emissions, supporting sustainable tourism and contributing to a greener Sri Lanka.

Consider these aspects when selecting a tuktuk rental provider. Enjoy the freedom of the open road and immerse yourself in the splendor of Sri Lanka. Let the adventure begin from Anuradhapura!

Embark on a Safari Adventure to Wilpattu National Park​

Start your journey with a safari to Wilpattu National Park. This park, located just a tuktuk ride from Anuradhapura, is not only the largest but also one of Sri Lanka’s oldest national parks. It’s a wildlife haven teeming with elephants, leopards, and sloth bears. With your own tuktuk, you can choose when to start your adventure and how long you want to spend seeing the fascinating species in their natural habitat. Don’t forget to read our comprehensive guide to Sri Lanka’s national parks! Check out the detailed guide we wrote about the National parks in Sri Lanka here!

Enjoy a Picnic by Nuwara Wewa​

After your safari, why not stop by Nuwara Wewa for a picnic? This enormous man-made lake in Anuradhapura is ideal for relaxing. Pack some local delicacies, take your tuk tuk to the lake’s tranquil environs, and enjoy dinner while admiring the water and local wildlife. This quiet area is great for unwinding after a day of exciting exploring.

Witness the Sunset from Mihintale Temple

As the day ends, head to Mihintale Temple to witness a spectacular sunset. This sacred pilgrimage site considered the birthplace of Buddhism in Sri Lanka, provides a breathtaking view of the setting sun. As you ascend the steps to the top, take a moment to sit back in your tuktuk and marvel at the changing colours of the sky as the sun sets below the horizon. Don’t forget to put out the rain covers of the tuk tuk to safeguard your belongings from monkeys.

Things to See in Anuradhapura

A red tuktuk driving down the paddy field roads of Anuradhapura
A red tuktuk driving down the paddy field roads of Anuradhapura 📸 @from.miles.away

Tuktuk rental unlocks the land’s allure, Exploring its beauty, an experience pure. Rent a tuktuk in Anuradhapura, Unleash your spirit of exploration

Ruwanweli Maha Seya

No trip to Anuradhapura is complete unless you see the Ruwanweli Maha Seya. The Ruwanwelisaya Dagoba, one of Sri Lanka’s holiest Buddhist sanctuaries, instils a deep sense of peace. This massive stupa, adorned with intricate carvings and surrounded by a lushly landscaped courtyard, exudes a mystical energy you can sense as you walk around it. Find it here.


At Jetavanaramaya, you can marvel at the splendour of a work of architecture that was, notably, the highest stupa in antiquity. The ruins of this massive structure provide a glimpse into the talent and workmanship of early Sri Lankan craftsmen. Find it here.

Siri Maha Bodhi

As for Siri Maha Bodhi, you can visit this oldest documented tree on Earth to encounter a holy living relic. This tree is not only a biological marvel but it is also thought to be the tree beneath which the Buddha achieved enlightenment, making it a symbol of enlightenment and spiritual awakening. Find it here.

Anuradhapura Moonstone

Turning to the Anuradhapura Moonstone is a semicircular stone engraving found at the entrance to ancient Buddhist temples. It is worthwhile to examine the intricate details, which depict many symbolic aspects of Buddhist teachings and rites. Indeed, the Moonstone offers an intriguing glimpse into the rich cultural and religious heritage of the old city.

Ranmasu Uyana (Royal Park)

Take a stroll in the lovely Ranmasu Uyana, a historic royal pleasure garden. Explore the well-kept gardens, gorgeous ponds, and unique stone carvings while taking in the quiet ambience. In the midst of nature’s splendour, it’s an excellent setting for rest and introspection. Further into the Ranmasu Uayana you will come across the “Star Gate”. It’s believed that this gate is a portal gateway to another dimension. Some of the inscriptions carved on to the stone can even be found around the Pyramids of Giza. Your tuk tuk can be parked at the entrance to Isurumyniya Viharaya.

Samadhi Buddha Statue

The stunning beauty of the Samadhi Statue, a sculpture that depicts a state of deep concentration and inner tranquillity, will fascinate you. Admire the meditating Buddha’s beautiful intricacies and tranquil countenance, a timeless image of serenity and enlightenment. Find it here.

Isurumuniya Rajamaha Viharaya

Explore the Isurumuniya Temple, famous for its ancient rock sculptures and stunning murals. Admire the well-known “Lovers’ Leap” sculpture, which depicts a pair in a romantic embrace, as well as other beautiful carvings that narrate stories based on old traditions. The quiet environment of the shrine is ideal for reflection and thought. Find it here.


Popularly known as the Brazen Palace. This old structure, with its thousand-plus stone columns, formerly housed Buddhist monks. Consider the grandeur that this gigantic edifice projected during its prime and its architectural significance.

Mirisavetiya Stupa

Mirisawetiya Dagoba, a stupa recognized for its calm surroundings and historical significance. This well-preserved monument stimulates reflection and provides insight into ancient Sri Lankan religious rituals.

Thuparamaya Dagaba

Sri Lanka’s first stupa construction. This old monument is revered for its historical and religious significance, and it displays magnificent architectural elements and beautiful stone carvings. Explore the fascinating surroundings and sense the spiritual energy that exudes from this holy location.

Taste the Local Flavors

A girl in the tuktuk in ANURADHAPURA
A girl in the tuktuk 📸 @marktheadventure

Rent a tuktuk in Anuradhapura, discovering hidden gems, a tuktuk journey unfolds endless surprises.

Little Paradise Anuradhapura

A hidden gem nestled in Anuradhapura, Little Paradise offers a tranquil setting and a menu featuring a delightful fusion of Sri Lankan and international cuisine. Customers love the cozy atmosphere, friendly service, and the restaurant’s commitment to using fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Find it here.

Bamboo Restaurant Juice Bar

A refreshing oasis in the heart of Anuradhapura, Bamboo Restaurant Juice Bar is known for its healthy and delicious offerings. From fresh juices and smoothies to wholesome meals, customers appreciate the vibrant flavours and the emphasis on organic ingredients. The laid-back ambience and eco-friendly practices make it a favourite among health-conscious visitors. Find it here.

Mango Mango Restaurant

Experience a burst of tropical flavours at Mango Mango Restaurant. This vibrant eatery celebrates the essence of mangoes through its diverse menu, featuring mouthwatering dishes and refreshing beverages. Customers rave about the creative culinary combinations, attentive service, and the restaurant’s inviting ambience. It’s just a tuk tuk ride away from the city. Check out the location here.

Palhena Restaurant

Immerse yourself in the authentic flavours of Sri Lanka at Palhena Restaurant. Known for its traditional Sri Lankan cuisine with a contemporary twist, this restaurant showcases the country’s culinary heritage. Customers love the rich spices, flavorful curries, and warm hospitality extended by the attentive staff. Find it here.

Big Mama Family Restaurant

Step into Big Mama Family Restaurant for a delightful family dining experience. Serving generous portions of hearty meals, this restaurant offers a diverse menu of Sri Lankan and international dishes. Customers appreciate the welcoming atmosphere, friendly staff, and comfort food that feels like home. Find it here.

Big Mama Family Restaurant

Step into Big Mama Family Restaurant for a delightful family dining experience. Serving generous portions of hearty meals, this restaurant offers a diverse menu of Sri Lankan and international dishes. Customers appreciate the welcoming atmosphere, friendly staff, and comfort food that feels like home. Find it here.

Banana Cafe

Find a moment of relaxation at Banana Cafe, a cozy spot that combines a charming ambience with delectable treats and beverages. Customers love the wide range of coffees, teas, and mouthwatering snacks available. Whether you’re seeking a quick pick-me-up or a place to unwind, Banana Cafe is the perfect destination. Find it here.

Heritage Thambapanni

Embark on a culinary journey at Heritage Thambapanni, where the rich heritage of Sri Lankan cuisine comes to life. This restaurant showcases traditional dishes prepared with authentic flavours and techniques. Customers appreciate the warm hospitality, cultural ambience, and the opportunity to savour the true essence of Sri Lankan culinary traditions. Find it here.

Ambula Restaurant

This restaurant is best reviewed for its authentic Sri Lankan goods and friendly service. Their food is made with the best ingredients and spices to give you a mouth-watering feeling. Find it here.

Smart Kitchen

Smart Kitchen sets up breakfast, lunch, and dinner for their customers, offering various healthy and traditional food items. Reasonable prices to fit your budget. For the location of the restaurant, click here.

Recharge at Comfortable Stays

Uga Ulagalla

Experience luxury and tranquillity at Uga Ulagalla, an exquisite resort in Anuradhapura. Set amidst lush greenery, this property offers elegant accommodations, impeccable service, and many amenities, ensuring a memorable and indulgent stay. You can drive your tuktuk to this luxury accommodation here.

Nuwara Wewa Holiday Resort

Enjoy a comfortable stay at Nuwara Wewa Holiday Resort, a serene getaway in Anuradhapura. This resort offers cozy accommodations and a range of amenities, providing guests with a relaxing atmosphere and a convenient base to explore the city. Find it here.

Heritage Hotel

Immerse yourself in history and charm at Heritage Hotel in Anuradhapura. This hotel offers comfortable rooms, a glimpse into the city’s rich cultural heritage, and warm hospitality. Guests can enjoy a convenient location and a memorable stay that reflects the essence of Anuradhapura. Find it here.

Liyana Holiday Resort

A peaceful retreat nestled in Anuradhapura, Liyana Holiday Resort offers comfortable accommodations and a range of amenities. Guests can relax in well-appointed rooms and enjoy facilities such as a swimming pool, restaurant, and friendly service, ensuring a pleasant stay. Find it here.

Saubagya Inn

A cozy stay at Saubagya Inn, a welcoming inn in Anuradhapura. Providing comfortable rooms and attentive service, guests can enjoy a convenient location and a homely atmosphere, making it an ideal choice for a relaxing stay in the city. Renting a tuktuk from Saubagya Inn, Anuradhapura, is quite easy. As a partner of tuktukrental, the owner will assist you with your rental. Find it here.

Ceylonima Home Stay

Experience the comforts of home at Ceylonima Home Stay in Anuradhapura. Offering cozy accommodations and a welcoming atmosphere, this homestay provides a chance to immerse yourself in local hospitality, ensuring a warm and authentic experience. It’s quite easy to rent your tuktuk from this location here.

A CabrioTuk next to a couple at sunset time in Anuradhapura
A CabrioTuk next to a couple at sunset time in Anuradhapura 📸 @whatsnext.reisen

Amidst the ancient city of Anuradhapura, a couple embarks on a whimsical tuktuk rental journey, witnessing the breathtaking sunset together.

How to Get to Anuradhapura from Colombo

Train Ride

Travelling by train from Colombo to Anuradhapura is a convenient option with regular departures from Colombo Fort. Trains operate daily, providing multiple schedules throughout the day. The journey typically takes approximately 4 hours and 20 minutes, offering a comfortable and scenic ride. Second-class tickets, priced between $2 to $4, are recommended for a guaranteed seat during most instances. Find the Anuradhapura train time table here.

The Bus Ride to Anuradhapura

Travelling by bus from Colombo to Anuradhapura is a safe, comfortable, and cost-effective option. From the Colombo Bastian Mawatha Bus Terminal, you can catch a direct bus to Anuradhapura (route 4 – 3). The estimated travel time is approximately 5 hours. Please note that bus travel is slower compared to driving or taking a taxi. Congestion levels between Colombo and Anuradhapura can vary, with more traffic during weekdays, especially in the morning until the afternoon. Ticket prices from Colombo to Anuradhapura vary based on the type of bus chosen. Opting for non-air-conditioned or ordinary buses offers more affordable fares, while premium or luxury buses are pricier. To plan your route and check bus timetables, go to, the official website of Sri Lanka’s National Transport Commission (NTC).

By Taxi to Anuradhapura

You can arrange a private vehicle and driver to take you via a rental car or use one of the apps named Uber or Pick Me (Sri Lankan ride hailing-app). This is the fastest but most expensive way to travel. It will take approximately 3 hours and 40 minutes from Colombo to Anuradhapura.

Rent a Tuktuk and Drive to Anuradhapura!

Travelling from Colombo to Anuradhapura in your own tuktuk is one of the most spectacular ways to appreciate the beautiful splendour and discover Sri Lanka’s hidden gems. Renting a tuktuk provides an exciting experience unlike any other, with the freedom to drive through fascinating routes and the option to pull over at any location that sparks your interest.

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