Rent a tuktuk in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka!

The best way to travel around Anuradhapura is by driving your own tuk-tuk. Anuradhapura is a historical city of Sri Lanka.


Anuradhapura is a major and ancient city in Sri Lanka, holding the door to the historic period of the Kings and Queens back in the day where well-preserved ruins still standing tall. The sacred city of Anuradhapura is also named as a world heritage site by The United Nations Educational, Scientifical and Cultural Organization.

Sights in Anuradhapura

Tissa Wewa Sunset

Tissa Wewa was an artificial reservoir built by King Devanampriya Tissa, the main purpose of this was to increase the water supply to his capital city of Anuradhapura. Tissa Wewa has the most amazing sunset if you reach the lake at around 5.30 pm and it will take your breath away. You can find this location here

Bulankulame Walawwa

This house is situated by the Bulankulame Wewa, was built about 400 years ago, and is the oldest house in Sri Lanka. You can find the location of the oldest house here.

Ran Masu Uyana (The Golden Fish Park)

This prehistoric garden covers 40 acres of land and is an exceptional showcase of architecture in the pre-Christian era. It is situated in between the Isurumuni Viharaya and Tissa Wewa. You can find this location here.


Mihinthale is believed to have been the meeting place for Kind Devanampriyatissa and a Buddhist monk which instituted the presence of Lord Buddha. This location is a mountain peak in Anuradhapura and is now a pilgrimage site and you will also find monuments. You can find this location here

Issurumuniya Rajamaha Viharaya

No matter which religion you follow, St. Anne’s church is one of the most ancient and wonderful of all Christian shrines in Sri Lanka. It is the epicenter of tradition and holiness. Pilgrims around the country visit the shrine during Christmas month to pray as one, the view towards the Thalawila beach is indescribable. Location to this amazing church, click here

Food & Drinks

Ambula Restaurant

This restaurant is best reviewed for its authentic Sri Lankan good and friendly service. Their food is made with the best ingredients and spices to give you a mouth-watering feeling. For the location of the restaurant click here.

Bamboo Restaurant Juice Bar

A cozy and warm restaurant with amazing food. Wonderful breakfast, lunch, and dinner served for you. It would cost between $5 – $9 per person to dine here. For the location of the restaurant click here.

Smart Kitchen 

Smart Kitchen sets up breakfast, lunch, and dinner for their customers, offering a wide variety of healthy and traditional food items. Reasonable prices to fit your budget. For the location of the restaurant click here

Caserol Restaurant.

Famous name in Sri Lanka and holds several branches of outlets around the island, this restaurant has a wide range of Asian cuisines for you to choose from. Price ranging from $9 – $13 per person, this restaurant is located in the heart of the Anuradhapura new town. For the location of the restaurant click here.


Sunshine Tourist Rest

Comfortable accommodation with a beautiful view of a paddy field stretching across. This accommodation is facilitated with a restaurant to enjoy fresh authentic Sri Lankan food. It would cost around $27 per night for two people. For the location of the resthouse click here.

Lavendish Miriiya Lake

This lakefront accommodation is full of natural habitat, they have a wonderful garden and a pool with great amenities for your stay. It would cost between $55 per night for two people. For the location of the hotel click here

The Lakeside Hotel at Nuwarawewa

This hotel is also a lake front hotel in Anuradhapura. They have a delightful restaurant and other activites and ameneties for your stay to be memorable. For the location of the hotel click here.



How to get to Anuradhapura from Colombo by train

You could take the train from Colombo Fort to Anuradhapura, from Sunday to Monday and trains are available several times a day. The journey would last for 4 hours 20 minutes to Anuradhapura and would cost you around Rs 350 to Rs 600 for second-class (which will most of the time guarantee you a seat).

How to get to Anuradhapura from Colombo by bus

From the Colombo Bastian Mawatha Bus terminal, you could hop into a bus directly to Anuradhapura (route 4 – 3 ). Would cost Rs 220 – Rs. 300, and take around 5 hours 15 minutes.

How to get to Anuradhapura from Colombo by taxi

You can also arrange a private vehicle and driver to take you via a rental car or use one of the apps named Uber or Pick me (Sri Lankan app). This is the fastest but most expensive way to travel. It will take approximately 3 hours and 40 minutes from Colombo to Anuradhapura. The ride would cost you around Rs 18,000 – Rs 22,000.

How to book a tuktuk in Anuradhapura

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