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Off the beaten track with “Dee” at Adams Peak

Off the beaten track with “Dee” at Adams Peak

Sri Lanka local “Dee”  and Jack met at Adams Peak. You can meet more locals in Sri Lanka driving your own tuktuk!

Sri Lanka Local! A post from 10th January 2017!

Today, I made a brother for life, in a man I had just met, who was twice my age and could only speak a little of my language, I couldn’t speak any of his (despite what Sinhalese I have learnt D is Tamil, so it’s all different).

I arrived here at Adams Peak, which I’m going to climb tonight under the full moon, to catch the sunrise. Today though I wanted to see what else was around here.

D was walking past me and said he wanted to show me his favourite place, where he has been going his whole life.

He guided me on a trek that took hours, through stunning tea fields and around the huge reservoir that sits at the bottom of Adams peak. He took me to a phenomenal waterfall, we swam together in the fresh water and spent the afternoon just enjoying the beautiful moments of this life.

After he took me for tea in his wonderful and humble home, to meet his wife and children. Tomorrow we will climb Adams peak together. D climbs EVERY day with 50kg of rice and veg on his head to take to the top, it’s one of his jobs when he isn’t in the tea fields.

I have known some people my entire life who haven’t shown me the level of kindness, willing and welcome they D showed me today, it was truly an overwhelming, soul warming and deeply memorable experience.

From today I am going to drop the word “stranger” from my vocabulary, now onwards, everyone is a new person who I do not yet know. We are all strange until we realise we are not and we can share in the simplest things that we all love, together.

Today was a great day.

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