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Information for Tuktuk Owners

Unlock the Potential of Your Tuktuk, Earn Additional Income!

Introduction: A Story of Opportunity

In the heart of Sri Lanka, where the sun kisses the emerald landscapes, Aruna, a local tuktuk owner, found a golden opportunity. He owned a Bajaj RE, a gem of a three-wheeler, that often sat idle at his home as he only worked part-time as a tuktuk driver. Little did he know that this idle asset could transform his life. That’s when he discovered tuktukrental.com – a gateway to earning passive, tax-free income without any hassle. Like Aruna, you too can turn your tuktuk into a source of effortless earnings.

Why rent your tuktuk with tuktukrental.com?

Tax-Free, Additional Income: We offer a unique opportunity for part-time and full-time tuktuk drivers, and even those who have a tuktuk but aren’t using it. By renting your Bajaj RE through us, you’ll earn a steady, tax-free income paid in USD directly from tourists.

Hassle-Free Management: At Tuktukrental.com, your three-wheeler is treated as our own. We handle everything – from maintenance and cleaning to organizing your tuktuk for our tourists.

Expert Maintenance: Our team of skilled Bajaj-trained mechanics ensures your tuktuk is always in the best condition. We believe in preventive care, saving you from future expenses and headaches.

Comprehensive Support: With full insurance options and a 24/7 support team, we ensure that your vehicle is always under safe watch. Our operational team meticulously inspects, cleans, and organizes the tuktuks, ensuring they meet our high standards.

Benefit from the Booming Tourism: Sri Lanka’s tourist economy is thriving. By partnering with us, you tap into this lucrative market, earning income from tourists who wish to explore our beautiful island in the most authentic way – via a tuktuk.

Conclusion: Your Tuktuk, Your Opportunity

Embrace the chance to become part of a community that values your asset as much as you do. Join the many tuktuk owners who have already begun their journey with tuktukrental.com, transforming their three-wheelers into sources of joy for tourists and a steady, hassle-free income for themselves.

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