Renting a tuktuk - what will it cost?

Our pricing tables are included below. Remember, when you book with us, we take care of everything for you! We’ll make sure you have the right licence¬†and insurance, and provide 24/7 support in case you get into a spot of bother!

Car / Day price: 1-1 days2-2 days3-3 days4-4 days5-19 days20-59 days60-89 days90-365 daysDeposit
Bajaj Re Bajaj Re

Gearbox: Manual
70 USD40 USD30 USD25 USD20 USD18 USD16 USD14 USD150 USD
Rental Option / Day price 1 dayDeposit
[License#1] I have an International Drivers Permit (IDP) with "TYPE B" endorsement and want my local license ready before I arrive (NEED to have an IDP if picking up outside of Colombo) 40 USD Not required
[License#2] I have a "Type B1" endorsement on my national license and will go to the Department of Motor Traffic in Colombo (takes approx 2 hours return from our office, MUST pickup from Mt Lavinia) 40 USD Not required
Baby seat 4 USD 25 USD
Speakers with aux cable (for Tuktuk, Bajaj Re) 2 USD Not required
Surfboard racks (0-19 days) (for Tuktuk, Bajaj Re) 3 USD Not required
Surfboard racks (20 days+) (for Tuktuk, Bajaj Re) 60 USD Not required