Social Impact

TukTukRental.com believes in the power of cross-cultural collaboration to create profound social change.

What awaits you:

Emerging as a Leader

Emerging as a Leader

Step into a transformative journey designed to cultivate your leadership potential. Through immersive challenges and mentorship, you’ll develop the confidence, skills, and strategic vision to lead with impact and shape a better future.

Meaningful Social Impact

Meaningful Social Impact

Work on live projects that support social impact initiatives across the country. Whether it’s sustainable tourism, environmental conservation, or community development, your work will contribute to positive change and offer invaluable insights into the power of social entrepreneurship.

Cultural Immersion and Exploration

Cultural Immersion and Exploration

Beyond the workshops and project work, immerse yourself in Sri Lanka’s rich heritage. Explore ancient temples, savour the flavours of local cuisine, and witness the beauty of traditional arts and crafts. This journey is as much about discovering the spirit of Sri Lanka as it is about discovering yourself.

Why Be A Fellow?

1. Real World Experience

Embark on a journey where learning transcends the classroom, providing you with unparalleled real-world experience to add to your resume. Engage directly in impactful projects, collaborate with local communities, and apply your skills in tangible settings to foster meaningful change and gain practical insights that can only be acquired through hands-on involvement.

2. Entrepreneurial Skill Development

Receive hands-on training and mentorship from seasoned entrepreneurs and experts in the field of social impact. This program is designed to equip you with the skills, knowledge, and mindset needed to support successful social ventures.

3. Support the Sustainable Development Goals

Join a program committed to empowering you to support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), where you’ll actively contribute to global efforts for a more sustainable and equitable future. Engage in projects and initiatives that directly align with these goals, enhancing your understanding and ability to make a significant, positive impact on our world.


How We’re Already Making an Impact:

We’re social enterprice tuktuk rental company. When you rent with us, you’re helping a local family attain a better life. We don’t own tuktuks; we rent them from our network of local tuktuk owners. Basically enabling them to transition out of full-time tuktuk driving and into higher skilled careers.

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Paid to tuktuk owners (so far!)
Tuktuk owners & their families supported
Carbon neutral
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We’ve created the fellowship to accelerate and amplify our social impact

Detailed Program Itinerary

Embark on a Two-Week Journey of Impact, Learning, and Exploration

Week 1:

  • Day 1: Arrival and Welcome
    • Morning: Meet at Tuk Tuk Rental offices and meet program leaders, fellow participants and local partners.
    • Afternoon: Settle into accommodations and tour of local area.
    • Evening: Opening dinner with an introduction to Sri Lanka’s social impact landscape.
  • Day 2: Cultural Immersion
    • Visit to a historic temple and introduction to Sri Lankan history and culture.
    • Workshop on local social issues with guest speakers from local NGOs.
  • Day 3-4: Social Enterprise Deep Dive
    • Visit to Tuk Tuk Rental and other social enterprises to understand their operations, challenges, and impact.
    • Interactive sessions on social entrepreneurship fundamentals.
  • Day 5: Community Engagement
    • Participate in a community service project, applying insights gained from the week.
    • Reflection session to discuss experiences and learnings.
  • Day 6-7: Exploration and Relaxation
    • Guided tour to a national park to learn about environmental conservation efforts.
    • Free day for personal exploration or relaxation.

Week 2:

  • Day 8: Project Design Workshop
    • Teams form to brainstorm and design a social impact project based on week 1 experiences.
    • Mentorship from program leaders and local entrepreneurs.
  • Day 9-11: Project Implementation
    • Hands-on work in local communities or with partner organisations to implement projects.
    • Evening check-ins to discuss progress and challenges.
  • Day 12: Reflection and Presentation
    • Finalise projects and prepare presentations.
    • Presentation evening to share projects with local community leaders and program participants.
  • Day 13: Cultural Exchange
    • Participate in a cultural exchange workshop, learning traditional Sri Lankan crafts or cooking.
    • Farewell dinner, celebrating the journey and friendships formed.
  • Day 14: Departure
    • Morning reflection and feedback session.
    • Departures throughout the day.

Your Impact Journey Awaits

This itinerary is designed to immerse you in the heart of Sri Lanka, blending hands-on social impact projects with deep cultural exploration and personal growth. You’ll leave with not just memories, but tangible contributions to a better world.

What people say about Tuk Tuk Rental:


“Seriously, they are amazing!”

Incredible service, incredible business model and what an adventure!!!

I can’t tell you how amazing it is to have the freedom of the tuk tuk, I’d do it on every holiday if I could, and the fact that you are supporting locals by renting one just makes it even more enjoyable. Do It Do it do it!!

This company is so well run it’s effortless to use them, seriously, they are amazing!

Chris, Tuk Tuk Hirer.

“Transformed my life”

TukTukRental.com has transformed my life in more ways than I could have imagined. 

From starting as a driver to now overseeing operations, the opportunities for growth and support they offer are unparalleled. 

I’m proud to be a part of a company that not only creates unforgettable travel experiences but also uplifts local communities through empowering employment initiatives.

Emilda, Tuk Tuk Driver.

“A passion that is infectious”

The Tuk Tuk Tournament was one of the best experiences of my life. 

The tournament is so well run and the people involved have a passion that is infectious.

Its pillars of minimising the westernisation of local cultures and sustainable travel changed how I view travelling. 

Sydney, Tuk Tuk Tournament participant.

"They’re heart-led, professional and passionate"

The TukTukRental.com team are amazing. They’re heart-led, professional and passionate about the social impact space.

Through our partnership we’ve raised enough money to upgrade our facilities.


Kate, The Primate Project

Meet the Team:

Our Dedicated Leaders Guiding Your Journey of Impact

Nic Huzz - Program Leader

With over four years experience delivering entrepreneurial programs across Australia and South-East Asia for venture capital company Investible, Nic’s passion for education and impact is infectious.

His experience has seen him deliver programs that have supported hundreds of individuals and businesses.

Tell us you know someone with more energy for life then Nic and we wouldn’t believe you.

Tom Cornish - CEO of Tuk Tuk Rental

With a decade of experience in social entrepreneurship and a deep love for her native Sri Lanka, Tom is the heart and soul behind our program.

His vision is to bridge cultures and empower individuals to create sustainable change. Tom’s leadership has not only propelled the program from a thought into reality but his passion for social impact has already impacted the lives of hundreds of Sri Lankan’s.

Name - Role


With a decade of experience in social entrepreneurship and a deep love for her native Sri Lanka, Samantha is the heart and soul behind our program. Her vision is to bridge cultures and empower individuals to create sustainable change. Samantha’s leadership has not only propelled the program to new heights but also inspired hundreds of participants to pursue their passions for social impact.

Tuk Tuk Rental Team


With a decade of experience in social entrepreneurship and a deep love for her native Sri Lanka, Samantha is the heart and soul behind our program. Her vision is to bridge cultures and empower individuals to create sustainable change. Samantha’s leadership has not only propelled the program to new heights but also inspired hundreds of participants to pursue their passions for social impact.

Social Impact Partners

Sambol Foundation
Animal SOS



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Who is eligible to apply for the program?
A: We welcome applications from any university students and young professionals, from any country, with a passion for social impact and cultural exploration. Prior experience in entrepreneurship or social work is not required, but a willingness to learn and engage deeply with the program activities is essential.

Q: What does the program fee cover?
A: The program fee includes accommodation, local transportation within the program, program materials, workshops, and activities. It does not cover international airfare, visa fees (if applicable), personal expenses, or optional activities.

Q: How safe is Sri Lanka for travellers?
A: Sri Lanka is generally safe for travellers. However, as with any international travel, we advise participants to follow standard safety precautions. Our program includes comprehensive safety briefings, and our team is trained to ensure participants’ well-being at all times.

Q: Can I get academic credit for this program?
A: Participants are encouraged to consult their academic institution to determine if the program aligns with their requirements for credit. We can provide detailed documentation of the program’s curriculum upon request.

Q: What impact will my participation have?
A: Your participation contributes to local social enterprises and community projects in tangible ways, from environmental conservation efforts to supporting local entrepreneurs. Additionally, the cross-cultural exchange fosters mutual understanding and long-term partnerships between participants and the local community.

Q: What should I pack for the program?
A: A packing list will be provided upon acceptance into the program. Essentials include comfortable clothing suitable for a tropical climate, a reusable water bottle, personal medications, and any specific items related to the projects you’ll be working on.

Q: Are there any language requirements?
A: English is the primary language of the program. While proficiency in Sinhala or Tamil is not required, a few basic phrases can enhance your interaction with local communities. We provide participants with a basic language guide as part of the pre-departure materials.

Q: How can I apply?
A: Applications can be submitted through our website. The application process includes a form detailing your background and motivations for joining the program, followed by an interview for selected candidates. We encourage early applications as spots are limited.

Have more questions? Contact us at [contact email/phone number] for further information.

Ready to Make a Difference?

Your journey of impact and discovery awaits. This isn’t just another trip; it’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in a vibrant culture, tackle real-world challenges, and leave a lasting legacy in Sri Lanka. Join us for two unforgettable weeks filled with learning, growth, and meaningful action.

Your adventure in impact starts here. Be part of a journey that changes lives—yours included.

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