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I’ve walked past this pleasant household on a few morning trips to Colombo from Mt Lavinia station and I’m always greeted by warm smiles and waves from its lovely inhabitants. There is a small house nestled amongst the trees on Station Road that is home to Janaka and his family. He was born here and now lives in the same house with his extended family including his brothers family and both of his parents. Janaka previously worked as a store assistant until he became a trishaw driver 4 years ago. He has a 10 year old daughter, 6 year old son and is expecting a baby boy in January! His beautiful wife used to work as a PA in one of the top banks in Colombo before having children and becoming a full time housewife, her English proved invaluable to aid communications! Janaka has his tuktuk pimped out in pro surfer theme which is sure to lead you to that next break!


Sanath is the best dressed Tuktuk driver I’ve met! He was born in Kandy but moved to Colombo 8 years ago when he received a job at Mt Lavinia Hotel. The job allows him to stay at the hotel, but unfortunately does not provide room for his family – so he has been commuting back and forth between Colombo and Kandy once a week to visit his wife and children for the past 8 years! He has a daughter who just started school, and a son who is still in kindergarten. He does shift work at the hotel and so purchased a tuktuk to work as side business. On the day I met him he had a night shift, so he was driving the tuktuk for extra cash during the day! I asked him if he slept and he just laughed – I think a good portion of the black elixer with ample sugar (coffee) keeps him going! Sanath is a kind man and a hard worker just trying to provide for his family.


I met James while I was getting a bus back along Galle Rd in peak hour… I could walk faster than the bus and my house was just 2km away so I jumped out. After about one km I thought I would stop for some food. I pulled over into a local “hotel” (restaurant) and ordered my regular – an egg cheese kottu. To my surprise a local sipping on his chai started a conversation with me, in clean precise english. His name was James. He was raised to French and North African parents, he is well educated and a master of languages. James spends his days on an array of projects within the area but primarily he drives his tuktuk. He explained to me the hot spots for getting the best rides and the best hours of the day to make the most money. We still meet for a kottu, chai, and a heart-to-heart at the same local restaurant!