Extras Pricing

Rental Option / Day price 1 dayDeposit
[License#1] I have an International Drivers Permit (IDP) with "TYPE B" endorsement and want my local license ready before I arrive (NEED to have an IDP if picking up outside of Colombo) 40 USD Not required
[License#2] I have a "Type B1" endorsement on my national license and will go to the Department of Motor Traffic in Colombo (takes approx 2 hours return from our office, MUST pickup from Mt Lavinia) 40 USD Not required
Baby seat 4 USD 25 USD
Speakers with aux cable (for Tuktuk, Bajaj Re) 2 USD Not required
Surfboard racks (0-19 days) (for Tuktuk, Bajaj Re) 3 USD Not required
Surfboard racks (20 days+) (for Tuktuk, Bajaj Re) 60 USD Not required